A+ Medical Assistants

Sandra Cervera

Lead Medical Assistant

Sandra Cervera has been a Medical Assistant at A+ Total Care since August of 2015. She works directly with A+ Providers and our patients checking vital signs, translating tests, taking x-rays and assisting with various procedures. Sandra has worked at American Reproductive Centers in Palm Springs, CA as a Clinical Coordinator. She graduated from Kaplan College in 2009 with honors and perfect attendance. Sandra has lived in Elko since 2015 and enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband and 3 children, shopping, cosmetology, and traveling to California for family visits.

Jennifer Seamons

Medical Assistant

As a Medical Assistant for A+ Total Care, Jennifer Seamons administers to our customers and assists our providers in all aspects of patient care. She worked as an MA for Internal Medicine at Eastern Carolina Internal Medicine in Pollocksville, NC, and Internal Medicine and Radiology at Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in San Francisco, CA. Jennifer received her medical assisting, phlebotomy, inhaled medications, first aid, and CPR certifications from the Solano County Regional Occupational Program. Jennifer lives with her husband and her three children in Spring Creek, NV with their two dogs and three cats.

Mindy Brown

Medical Assistant

A+ Medical Assistant, Mindy Brown, helps collect information and run the patient lab test required to help our providers diagnose and treat patients. Mindy received her Medical Assisting training through Everest College in Utah and soon after, took a position in Salt Lake City as a chiropractic assistant where she helped with both front desk and back office duties such as scheduling, assisting with therapies and taking x-rays for 8 years. In her spare time, Mindy and her husband, along with their two children, love to venture outdoors and spend time together.

Andriana Sandoval

Medical Assistant

Andriana Sandoval’s duties as an A+ Medical Assistant involve answering phone calls and assisting with patient documentation and administering procedures like injections, blood draws and lab work, vital signs and temperature checks among other tasks. Andriana also serves in the Army National Guard offering her range of medical skills where needed from basic military first aid to emergency situations in the field. When off duty, Andriana enjoys her free time playing softball, basketball and working out.

Leslynn Depoali

Medical Assistant

A+ Medical Assistant, Leslynn Depoali, welcomes customers to our clinic and ensures they have a quality care experience. She assists A+ Providers with gathering vital signs and also assists with running labs and administering other procedures. Leslynn holds an Associate of Science degree and is a Certified Nursing Assistant who is also certified in Basic Life Support. She has prior experience having worked as a radiology technologist assistant and is currently working towards her Associate Degree in Nursing. Leslynn relocated from Reno to Elko and enjoys rodeo in her spare time.

Mercedes Cochrell

Medical Assistant, CPT

A+ Medical Assistant, Mercedes Cochrell, assists our providers with various tasks related to providing quality care to our customers. She is also a Certified Phlebotomy Technician with prior work experience at the NGUY Detention Center in Armagosa Valley and HealthCare Partners Urgent Care and Specialty Services. Mercedes is originally from Las Vegas and lives in Elko with her two children. She enjoys family time and rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers.